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This stunning big boy is Mika. He is a stunning big boy to look at really turns heads with his wolf type look. As much of a softie Mika is with those he loves, he can switch on to protect his family in a heartbeat and always proves himself more than capable. Mika is a very loving dog when you are part of his family and is sociable enough to join in with everyday family life, as well as ensuring peace of mind, you could call him the ideal all-rounder!

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Mika – Available

Family Protection Dog

Sex – Male

Breed – German Shepherd

Age – 12-01-2018

Colour – Sable

KC / FCI Registered – No

Passported – Yes

Hip / Elbow Scored – No

Entire / Neutered – Entire

Country Of Origin – Romania

Price – £5995 Plus VAT